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Chair of Learning and Instruction

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Prof. Dr. h. c. Hans Gruber
Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c.
Hans Gruber
Visiting Professor University of Turku, Finland


E-Mail Hans.Gruber@ur.de

Building PT, Zi. 4.1.20
Phone +49 (0)941 943-3783
Fax +49 (0)941 943-4989

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Masterarbeitsthemen zu vergeben

Berufliches Lehren und Lernen in der Pflege: Umgang mit Auszubildenden in der Praxis – Auswirkungen auf die nächste Generation

Einstellungen von muslimischen Patientinnen und Patienten zu medizinischen Maßnahmen am Lebensende

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Chair profile

Research and teaching in the Gruber Research Group is focused on the analysis of outstanding professional performers and educational means to foster their acquisition of expertise. Studies are conducted in a variety of domains (for example medicine, business management, science, music, and arts), using a large variety of empirical research methods (from eye-tracking analyses to biographical records of practice activities). The GRG trusts that the key to understanding reproducible superior performance is the notion that expertise can be acquired through deliberate practice. Effortful training activities lead to domain-specific cognitive, physiological, motor and perceptual adaptations. In addition to such individual adaptations, social adaptations are investigated as well in order to understand the social embedding of expertise, for example the changing participation in professional networks during the growth of individual excellence.

For research topics and themes for Bachelor, Master or Doctoral Theses please contact the project responsibles under Research.

  1. Faculty of Psychology, Educational Science
    and Sport Science
  2. Department of Educational Science

Office hours Prof. Gruber

Winter term 2017

Wednesdays, 12 AM - 1 PM

Chair news

New Publication

In vocational education, workplace simulations (WPS) have been implemented to ensure a better connection between the educational setting and the labour market. Moreover, WPS are supposed to motivate students and promote self-directed learning. So far, however, not much is known about the way
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New journal publication

Recently, a new journal article was published in the prestigious British Medical Journal Open to which Hans Gruber contributed. The article is an outcome of an interdisciplinary research project in which the GRG collaborates with colleagues from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Catholic Theology. The objective
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The woman's representatives of the Faktultät für Psychologie, Pädagogik und Sportwissenschaft won the prize for their concept on gender equality of the Unversity of Regensburg. Helen Jossberger from our chair is the co-representative of this group. In their application, they suggested a career coaching
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