The scope of the workshop is to bring together researchers working on phase field models in relation to fluid mechanics. The presentations will cover topics on analysis, numerical analysis, modeling as well as computational aspects. Topics will be e.g.:

Everybody interested in the topics of the workshop is welcome to attend the workshop. In particular, young researcher and members of the SPP 1506 "Transport Processes at Fluidic Interfaces" are welcome to join the workshop. Besides the talks by the main speakers there will be talks by other participants. Moreover, there will be the possibility for a poster presentation. Every participant will be able to give a talk or to present a poster.

Confirmed invited speakers
  • Franck Boyer (Marseille)
  • Hans-Wilhelm Alt (Bonn)
  • John Lowengrub (Irvine)
  • Helmut Abels (Regensburg)
  • Charlie Elliott (Warwick)
  • Christian Rohde (Stuttgart)

Helmut Abels (Regensburg), Harald Garcke (Regensburg), Günther Grün (Erlangen)

Supported by:
Johannes-Kepler-Forschungszentrum (University of Regensburg),
SPP 1506 "Transport Processes at Fluidic Interfaces"

Steinerne Bruecke

View of the Stone Bridge and the picturesque Old Town of Regensburg (UNESCO World Heritage).(Photo: Tourist Office Regensburg)

SPP 1506