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Professur für Neurophysiologie


Professur für Neurophysiologie


Ag Egger 2015

This is our team in the courtyard of the new “Natural Sciences West” building where you can find us on the 2nd floor of building block D.

We are interested in sensory processing at the cellular and subcellular level, in particular in the first relay station of the mammalian olfactory system, the olfactory bulb. To observe single synapses at work, we use electrophysiological techniques in combination with high-resolution neurophotonics (two-photon Ca2+ imaging, two-photon uncaging). The olfactory bulb neuronal network consists of a two-stage circuit, first the glomerular layer where processing is distributed within a high diversity of local interneurons, and second the external plexiform layer where most processing takes place between the principal excitatory mitral cells and the inhibitory axonless granule cells.

Our main current projects involve

1. Function of reciprocal synapses (BMBF project; Wolfgang Bywalez, Vanessa Rupprecht)

2. Oscillatory network activity in the olfactory bulb and its interaction with long-term plasticity at the synapse between the principal mitral cells and the inhibitory granule cells (Fernando Perez)

3. Characterization of subclasses of juxtaglomerular neurons, both dopaminergic (DFG SPP 1392 project; Wolfgang Bywalez) and vasopressinergic (Michael Lukas)

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Prof. Dr. Veronica Egger


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