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Internet in Your Dormitory

Internet in Your Hall of Residence

Basic Requirement: A valid CC account
Every user has a user name and a corresponding password which are both necessary to log in at the cip-pools and the hall of residence. It looks like this: .vip12345.5.stud.uni-regensburg.de

1. Buy coupons birne
You can buy coupons at the supermarket or at the cafeterias and nearly all shops on campus (with the exception of Bücher Pustet) and at the university hospital kiosk. They are called “Wertcoupons” in German, which translates as “coupons of value”. Please note that you need about EUR 10 for your cable and the hall fee.

2. Use the cable to connect your computer to the socket. Network cables are available at the helpdesk and can only be paid with money you have on your electronic account.

3. Open browser and enter: https://www-wohnheim.uni-regensburg.de
This site is always accessible, even if you are not registered. You can manage your account from here.

4. Buy and book coupons
In order to use your computer in a hall of residence, you have to pay a monthly fee of EUR 1 (EUR 6 /semester). The equivalent amount has to be on your electronic account BEFORE you register your computer or extend your registration. The dates for the full amounts are 1 April and 1 November respectively.
You can book an unused coupon to your account here:
If you want to book from a CIP pool, use this address:

5. Register your computer
a) Open https://www-wohnheim.uni-regensburg.de and log in to your personal status page (see image 1 on the next page)
b) In order to register your computer, please fill in the following forms. By clicking on the Auto button you can make your computer find its physical address automatically.
c) Read the operational regulations concerning the use of private computers in a hall of residence and guarantee that you will adhere to them by checking the box right under your registration data.
d) Click “New registration”
As a resident of a dormitory you can use the network of the university with your own computer (desktop or laptop) with all public services including access to the internet.
Change registration
This is your button of choice if you have a new computer or moved to another room in the dorm.
Delete registration
Every registration that is not actively extended at the end of the semester is deleted. For any computer you sign off before the end of the semester you get back the money you did not use, i.e. if you delete the registration one month after the beginning of the semester you get five euros back of the six you initially paid.
Extend your registration
At the end of every semester you are asked to extend your registration. The computer centre charges you another EUR 6 for the next semester as your contribution to use the network of the university. This can only be done in the following time frames:

  • for the summer semester: 1 April – 30 April
  • for the winter semester: 1 October – 31 October

Note: If you fail to extend your registration, it will be deleted by 1 May or 1 November respectively and a new registration becomes necessary.
Use AUTO-button only with your OWN computer/notebook.


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