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Dr. Joerg Reinders

Group Proteomics

Institute of Functional Genomics

Department Functional Genomics    
Am BioPark 9
93053 Regensburg, Germany

Work: +49 941 943 5004

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Differential proteomics as a tool for elucidation of pathomechanisms

The analysis of changes in the protein pattern during different diseases can be used as a tool for the elucidation of the underlying molecular processes, particularly if the proteomic data can be complemented by other "omics"-data such as transcriptomics or metabolomics as well as biochemical assays. Particularly mitochondria-related diseases are in focus and are studied by fractionation of the cells into different compartments and analyses of the sub-proteomes.


Identification and localization of post-translational modifications

Post-translational modifications fulfill a multitude of functions within the cellular network ranging from regulating enzymatic activity and localization over altering protein conformation and interactions to signal transduction and activation/repression of gene expression. Despite the central role of protein phosphorylation various other modifications are known and are studied in terms of localization, abundance and dynamics.



2006-2008: Postdoc at the Chair of Pharmaceutical Biology, University Wuerzburg

2002-2006: PhD in Chemistry and Pharmacy, Universities Bochum and Wuerzburg

1997-2002: studied Biochemistry at the Ruhr-University Bochum

I made the first contact to protein analytics and proteomics during my studies in biochemistry in Bochum. Paricularly, the analysis of protein phosphorylations was part of my work in the lab of Prof. Meyer. Furtheron, I dealt with the analysis of the mitochondrial proteome and phosphoproteome in the Medical Proteome Center in Bochum and afterwards in the Rudolf-Virchow-Center in Wuerzburg. During my postdoc-time at the Chair of Pharmaceutical Biology I did proteome analysis of plants and insects further broadening the variety of organisms I worked on. Currently, I apply proteomics for the analysis of pathomechanisms of different diseases and enjoy the possibility to complement the protein data with further analyses on the molecular level  in systems biology approaches within the Institute of Functional Genomics in Regensburg.


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