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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board acts as an advocate of the university’s interest in public. In particular, it helps the university to fulfill its research and teaching duty. The Advisory Board meets at least once a semester.

Members of the Advisory Board

Honorary Members of Universität Regensburg

  • Wilhelm Gastinger
  • Dr. Kurt Groh
  • Alfons Metzger
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Peter
  • Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte
  • Dr. Johann Vielberth

Members of the Bavarian State Parliament

  • Jürgen Mistol
  • Dr. Franz Rieger
  • Syliva Stierstorfer
  • Dr. Karl Vetter
  • Margit Wild

Representatives of the Oberpfalz/Niederbayern Districts, of the Town of Regensburg and the Regensburg District

  • Franz Löffler, President of the Oberpfalz District Parliament
  • Heinrich Schmidt, Member of the Niederbayern District Parliament
  • N.N., Regensburg
  • Tanja Schweiger, Administrative Head of the Regensburg District

Representatives of the Friends of Universität Regensburg e.V. and of the Alumni Association of Universität Regensburg e.V.

  • Dr. Jürgen Helmes
  • Barbara Neumann-Trüb

Public Figures

  • Gabriele Anderlik, Local Management of Agentur für Arbeit Regensburg
  • Dr. Wolfgang Bassermann, Director of Bayerische Vereinsbank
  • Thomas Dechant
  • Albert Deß, Member of European Parliament
  • Peter Esser, Publisher of Mittelbayerische Zeitung
  • Dr. Georg Haber, President of the Niederbayern/Oberpfalz Chamber of Handicrafts
  • Erwin Huber, Member of the Federal State Parliament
  • Philipp Graf von und zu Lerchenfeld, Member of the German Bundestag
  • Emilia Müller, Minister of State
  • Markus Pannermayr, Mayor of Straubing
  • Dr. Albert Schmid, Former President of BAMF
  • Bernd Sibler, Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts
  • Hans Stark, Former President of the Niederbayern/Oberpfalz Chamber of Handicrafts
  • Dr. Hans-Martin Weiss, Regional Bishop

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Advisory Board