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How to Apply

How to apply?

The following information applies to international student applicants and so-called Bildungsausländer.

If you have a foreign nationality but a German Abitur (either from a German school in Germany or from a German school abroad) you are treated as a Bildungsinländer.

For further information on the subjects Bildungsinländer and Bildungsausländer please see below.

Application deadlines

For most degree programmes (all undergraduate programmes) the application within these deadlines:

1 May - 15 July for the winter semester
1 December - 15 January for the summer semester

Please note that application that are handed in after 15 July or 15 January cannot be accepted.

Most master programmes have earlier deadlines! The application must have been received by the deadline. The postmark date will not be taken into account!

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German Skills

Please send in a certificate of your German skills. Without this document, no letter of acceptance will be issued!

You will find more detailed information about the required language skills here!


Apply for the right form of visa, i.e.

  • Student Visa (Studentenvisum) or
  • Prospective Student Visa (Studienbewerbervisum) if you want to take the preparatory German-language course

Do not enter under any circumstance as a tourist!
Once you enter Germany, a tourist visa cannot be converted into a student visa.

Definition of Bildungsinländer and Bildungsausländer.


"Bildungsinländer" are international applicants with a German Abitur including applicants from a German school abroad. They have to apply like all German applicants.

For further information please see the homepage of our registrar:Studentenkanzlei.


"Bildungsausländer" are German applicants with a foreign school leaving certificate. They have to apply like all other international applicants.

Please look here for an overview of how to apply.

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