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Academic English Writing Support

New Resource for UR Students

I provide English language writing support to all UR students. I will be teaching KURS 37452 Academic Writing in the Life Sciences this semester and be developing additional discipline-specific writing courses. Like my fellow German writing tutors, I can help with all parts of the writing process from brainstorming through the final draft, such as organization, academic language, and development. As a native speaker of English and active user of academic English, I can also assist with questions of sentence structure and appropriate language. I am here to help you with any English language writing assignment for any class.

I came to writing tutoring through my own graduate studies: I went to the writing center to ask for help! In a plot twist, the writing center hired me and thus began my current career. I feel that providing academic writing support to undergraduate and graduate students is critical in helping students achieve their academic and life goals. I strive to help students become comfortable and confident in their written work.

Prior to joining the Akademische Scheibberatung team, I earned my B.A. in English from Southwestern University and my M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language from The University of Texas at San Antonio. For the last nine years, I have taught and/or tutored English as Foreign Language (EFL/EAL/ESL). Since 2014, I have worked in and researched writing centers as a tutor, trainer, and administrator, working with writers ranging from pre-college to doctoral studies.

Please visit this page for more information regarding new courses and/or workshop sessions (e.g., paragraph organization, citation style, academic language). If you’d like to suggest a workshop topic, please e-mail me!

See you soon!

Aurora Aguirre, M.A.

  1. Universität Regensburg

Academic English Writing Support



Aurora Aguirre
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