Universität Regensburg
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Richardi
em. o. Professor für Arbeitsrecht und Sozialrecht,
Bürgerliches Recht und Handelsrecht

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English Overview
Chair for Labor and Employment Law, Social Law, Civil and Commercial Law, University of Regensburg

The Chair for Labor and Social Law, Civil and Commercial Law at the University of Regensburg, currently headed by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Richardi, focuses on Labor and Employment Law. On these webpages you can find information concerning the institution such as address, staff, and current lectures with handouts. Furthermore you can find a wide variety of links mainly for labor law. We provide information on Prof. Richardi's curriculum vitae (in English) and publications, too.

At the moment most of the sub-pages are available only in German. Only the link list with a priority on labor and employment law is translated.

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