German-Endocrine-Brain-Immune-Network (GEBIN)

Dedicated to Interdisciplinary Research
Founded in 1997

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Mission of the GEBIN

The GEBIN is a network that combines activities in different German scientific societies with a special interest in Behaviour- Neuro- Endocrine- Immune interactions. People interested in GEBIN typically concentrate on interdisciplinary research foci. The different German scientific societies have so-called study groups which bridge the own discipline and other research subjects. The spokesmen of these study groups come together in the Steering Committee of the GEBIN.

The GEBIN is a non-profit network without strict formal rules. It is open for interested people who are dedicated to interdisciplinary thinking and research. The GEBIN was founded in November 1997 in Munich during the Volkswagen-Symposium "Neuroimmunologie, Verhalten und Befinden". The promotion of scientific interactions and the coordination of exchange of information between these different groups is one of the main aims of this network. GEBIN has written a position paper on interdisciplinary research that highlights the GEBIN philosophy and problems of interdisciplinary research.

The GEBIN invites all study groups of other German scientific societies with interdisciplinary research projects, which bridge the immune system, the endocrine system, and the nervous system. If you are interested to become a member please send an email to the coordinator of GEBIN, Prof. Dr. Rainer H. Straub, e-mail:


Meetings of the GEBIN

The GEBIN typically meets every two years. Sometimes the meetings are organized together with other scientific societies such as in Titisee 2004, in Bayreuth 2005 or in Freiburg 2007. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of GEBIN, we will continue to organize meetings together with other groups.



During every meeting, the GEBIN offers an Educational Course for students and other interested people. This course demonstrates basic elements of Behaviour- Neuro- Endocrino- Immunology. The course is open for all attending students without additional costs. Further information can be found via the meeting home pages (see Meetings). The typical structure is as follows:

  • Updating the immune system
  • Refreshing the central nervous system
  • Psychology for non-psychologists
  • Long-loop Immune-Neuro-Endocrine Interactions
  • Central Immune-Neuro-Endocrine Interactions
  • Peripheral Immune-Neuro-Endocrine Interactions
  • Stress and Immune-Neuro-Endocrine Interactions
  • Conditioning and Immune-Neuro-Endocrine Interactions


Eisenhower Conference Room in the IG Farbenhaus, Frankfurt a.M.

Educational Short Course during the 7th Meeting of the GEBIN


Please send an email to

to become a member of the GEBIN.

Please specify your interest in GEBIN:

  • research interest, research subject
  • specific methods, specific reagents
  • member of a scientific society

Please send your full name and title, your affiliation, phone number, fax number, and email address.

We will put you on the GEBIN mailing list so that you will receive regular emails, which will inform you about meetings.


Links to other scientific groups


GEBIN has an excellent exchange with other Scientific Groups. Members of the GEBIN are also members of other International Scientific Societies with a special interest in Behaviour-Neuro- Endocrino-Immunology. We try to combine meetings between the GEBIN and other groups (see meetings). Some of these groups can be found here.


Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. H. O. Besedovsky
(President of the ISNIM, Marburg)

Prof. Dr. med Markus Böhm
(German Society of Dermatology, Study Group Dermato- Endocrinology, Münster)

Prof. Dr. J. Born,, PD Dr. Tanja Lange
(German Society of
Psychology, Lübeck)

Prof. Dr. A. del Rey
(German Society of Endocrinology, Marburg)

Dr. H. Engler
Ethological Society, Zürich)

Prof. Dr. R. Gold (Bochum)
(German Society of

Prof. Dr. N. Müller , PD Dr. Markus Schwarz, PD Dr. Bernd Fiebich
(German Society of
Biol. Psychiatry)

Prof. Dr. M. Schedlowski
(German Society of
Med. Psychology)

Prof. Dr. G. K. Stalla
(German Society of

PD Dr. V. Stefanski
German Zoological Society, Berlin)

Prof. Dr. R.  H. Straub , Prof. Dr. Petra Arck
(Study Group NEI : German Society of Immunology, President-Elect of PNIRS)

Prof. Dr. V. Höllt , PD Dr. J. Kraus (Study Group Neuro- pharmacology & Toxicology, (German Society of Pharmacology, Magdeburg)

Prof. Dr. E. Weihe
The Anatomische Gesellschaft, Marburg
President of the European Neuropeptide Club)






  • Click here to apply for prizes within the Gebin








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Rainer H. Straub
12. 2008