Study Group Dermato-Endocrinology

 of the

Dedicated to Interdisciplinary Research, Founded in 1997


The 6th Meeting of the German-Endocrine-Brain-Immune Network together with
the Study Group Dermato-Endocrinology (ADF)

Freiburg, March 5-7, 2007

Mission of the GEBIN
The GEBIN is a network that combines activities in different German scientific societies with a special interest in Behaviour- Neuro- Endocrine- Immune interactions. People interested in GEBIN typically concentrate on interdisciplinary research foci. The different German scientific societies have so-called study groups which bridge the own discipline and other research subjects. The spokesmen of these study groups come together in the Steering Committee of the GEBIN. The GEBIN invites all people with interdisciplinary research projects, which bridge the immune system, the endocrine system, and the nervous system.

Educational Short Course for Students
In 2007, the GEBIN again presents an educational short course for students. This short course intends to present aspects Behaviour- Neuro- Endocrine- Immune interactions on a scholary level. The educational short course will take place on March 4, 14:00 - 19:00 and on March 5, 09:00 - 13:00. Register for the educational short course here.

Rainer H. Straub, August 2006