Rheumanet Regensburg - Bad Abbach

 Department of Internal Medicine I
 Division of Rheumatology

    Rheumatology Clinic

  Patient Care

Since rheumatic and clinical immunological diseases are very specific, patients often need extra diagnostic procedures. In patients with rheumatic and clinical immunological diseases, only the exact diagnosis allows to define adequate therapy.

We offer the following diagnostic procedures:

- Ultrasound including ultrasound of joints and soft tissue
- Ultrasound with interventional techniques such as injection and biopsies
- Videoendoscopy (stomach and colon)
- Conventional radiology
- Computertomography
- Osteodensitometry
- Pulmonary function tests
- Ergometric procedures
- Echocardiography
- Electrocardiography, 24 hour holder ECG
- 24 hour blood pressure monitoring
- Extensive diagnostics of immune parameters in the blood and tissue
- Muscle biopsy
- Bone biopsy
- Synovial biposy
- I
nterventional endoscopy
- Nuclear magnetic resonance tomography
- Interventional radiology (e.g. comuptertomography - guided punction)
- Various diagnostic radioisotopic techniques including bone scintigraphy or
ositron emission tomography

  Diagnostic Procedures