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Molekulare Zellbiologie

The Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory within the Department of Neurology (University Hospital Regensburg) is headed by Prof. Dr. Eugen Kerkhoff. The research group studies the regulation of cytoskeletal elements by signal transduction cascades, with a specific emphasis on cytoskeletal functions in intracellular vesicle transport processes. These studies are of fundamental importance to understand the architecture and function of the nervous system and are a necessary requirement to develop novel strategies to cure fatal neurological disorders such as neurodengeneration or neuronal injuries. Cytoskeletal rearrangements and vesicle transport determine the migration and structural organization of neuronal cells as well as the unique ability of neuronal cells to build up the highly sophisticated neuronal network. The processes studied by Prof. Dr. Kerkhoff´s group are also important for signal propagation within the neural network, which determines human consciousness, memory and behaviour. Prof. Kerkhoff´s highly innovative and groundbreaking research in the last decade made a big difference in the understanding of how cellular actin structures are regulated. His recent work on vesicle transport processes not only provides pioneering ideas upon the function of actin filaments on vesicle membranes, it will also provides invaluable information on signal integration in vesicle transport processes with its numerous cell biological consequences.

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Model of Spir/formin cooperation in actin nucleation at vesicle membranes