The scope of this workshop is to bring together mathematicians, who are working on the analysis of partial differential equations within Germany and its neighboring countries, and to initiate the activities in the GAMM activity group "Analysis of Partial Differential Equations". This activity group was founded in March 2013 on the GAMM annual meeting in Novi Sad. The goal of this group is to strenghten in the cooperation of mathematicians working in the area of analysis of PDEs.

Confirmed invited speakers
  • Robert Denk (University of Constance)
  • Eduard Feireisl (Academy of Science, Prague)
  • Matthias Hieber (Darmstadt University of Technology)
  • Ansgar Jüngel (University of Technology Vienna)
  • Hans Knüpfer (University of Heidelberg)
  • Adrian Muntean (University of Technology Eindhoven)
  • Anja Schlömerkemper (University of Würzburg)
  • Christian Schmeiser (University of Vienna)
  • László Székelyhidi Jr. (University of Leipzig)
  • Juan Velázquez (University of Bonn)

Initiators of the activity group

Local Organizers:
Helmut Abels (Regensburg)
Harald Garcke (Regensburg)


Supported by:
Johannes-Kepler-Forschungszentrum (University of Regensburg)

Steinerne Brücke

View of the Stone Bridge and the picturesque Old Town of Regensburg (UNESCO World Heritage). (Photo: Tourist Office Regensburg)