Upcoming Workshops

Algebraic Cycles and L-Functions

February, 27- March 2, 2012 in Regensburg
Organizers: Annette Huber-Klawitter, Uwe Jannsen, Guido Kings, Klaus Künnemann, Alexander Schmidt
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Past Workshops

Arithmetic and Motivic Algebraic Geometry

February, 14-18, 2011 in Regensburg
Organizer: Alexander Schmidt
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Arakelov Theory and its Arithmetic Applications

February, 22-26, 2010 in Regensburg
Organizer: Klaus Künnemann

The Decomposition Theorem and the Topology of Algebraic Maps

A Winter School in Algebraic Geometry Related to Representation Theory
February, 22-26, 2010 in Freiburg
Organizers: Sebastian Goette, Annette Huber, Stefan Kebekus, Wolfang Soergel

Finiteness for Motives and Motivic Cohomology

February, 9-13, 2009 in Regensburg
Organizer: Uwe Jannsen
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Nachwuchskonferenz "Arithmetic Geometry"

July 21-25, 2008 in Regensburg
Organizers: Annette Huber-Klawitter, Guido Kings
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Workshop "Arithmetic Applications of p-adic Analysis and Rigid Spaces"

February 18-22, 2008 in Regensburg
Organizers: Guido Kings, Klaus Künnemann
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Workshop "Algebraic cycles, motives and A1-homotopy theory over general bases"

February 13-16, 2007 in Regensburg
Organizers:: Jens Hornbostel, Alexander Schmidt
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Workshop "Finite dimensional motives"

February 20-24, 2006 in Regensburg
Organizer: Uwe Jannsen

Workshop "Cobordism"

February 16-18, 2005 in Regensburg
Organizers: Jens Hornbostel, Alexander Schmidt
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