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A small group of mathematicians at Universität Regensburg has developed a special version of CoCoA for computers equipped with the Windows operating system. This version of  CoCoA 4   has  the following new features: Eventually the following features are also planned: If you have any suggestions or wishes on how this interface should look like or behave, please let us know. The current version is CoCoA 4.2. You can download it for free.

Attention! CoCoA 4.2 is available at

Older Versions

An older version of CoCoA based on the Windows interface created by A. Polverini seems to be reasonably stable. The last version is WinCoCoA 3.7.b (dated July 21, 1999) and consists of the following two files: If you want to try this version, download the two files, put them in a directory (e.g. C:\WinCoCoA\ )
and unzip them (including paths, e.g. pkunzip -d You can then create a shortcut to start WinCoCoA.exe. Please do not forget to specify the CoCoA directory as your working directory. If possible, put your personal input files there.

There is also a version with some syntax highlighting and other "bells and whistles". You need the two files

This version is also dated July 21,1999.


Please send your remarks, bug reports, and suggestions to

And, as usual, if you like CoCoA, please become a registered user by sending a short note to the CoCoA Team. It doesn't cost you anything, it just means that you will get e-mail from us once or twice a year informing you about the latest developments in the CoCoA world!

Last change: Sept 15, 2003