last updated: July 5, 2012,   Eva Rütz

Oberseminar Analysis - SS 2012

Freitags 10-12 Uhr im Raum M 103 in der Fakultät für Mathematik

Datum, Uhrzeit: Vortragende/r:
20.04.12, 10 Uhr c.t. Elisa Davoli
Some problems of dimension reduction in nonlinear elasticity and elasto-plasticity
27.04.12, 10 Uhr c.t. Dr. Peter Philip
LMU München
PDE-Driven Shape Optimization via a Fixed-Domain Method: Analysis and Numerical Results
04.05.12, 10 Uhr c.t. Dr. Vanessa Styles
University of Sussex
(Blank, Garcke)
Numerical analysis of an inverse problem for the eikonal equation
11.05.12, 10 Uhr c.t.

18.05.11, 10 Uhr c.t.
25.05.12, 10 Uhr c.t.
01.06.12, 10 Uhr c.t. Dr. Daniel Lengeler
Universität Regensburg
Scalar conservation laws on constant and time-dependent Riemannian manifolds
08.06.12, 10 Uhr c.t.

15.06.12, 10 Uhr c.t.
22.06.12. 15 Uhr s.t,
M 103
Prof. Charlie Elliott
University of Warwick

Prof. Sijue Wu
University of Michigan

Zwei-Städte Kolloquium zur Analysis
29.06.12, 10 Uhr c.t. Matthias Köhne
TU Darmstadt
(Daniel Lengeler)
On Incompressible Newtonian Flows - Artificial Boundary Conditions and Associated Semigroups, Free Boundaries and Qualitative Behaviour
06.07.12, 10 Uhr c.t. Glen Wheeler
Universität Magdeburg
(Daniel Depner, Lars Müller)
Global analysis of the generalised Helfrich flow of curves immersed in \mathbb{R}^n
13.07.12, 10 Uhr c.t. José Luis Flores Dorado
Universidad da Málaga
Dr. Olaf Müler
New examples of marginally outer trapped surfaces in warped spacetimes
20.07.12, 10 Uhr c.t.