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Veröffentlichungsliste/List of publications

PhD thesis

"Stokes Equations in Asymptotically Flat Domains and the Motion of a Free Surface", Dissertation, TU Darmstadt, Shaker Verlag, Aachen, 2003.

Habilitation thesis

"Diffuse Interface Models for Two-Phase Flows of Viscous, Incompressible Fluids"


  1. "Pseudodifferential and Singular Integral Operators", Graduate Lecture, DeGruyter, 2011

Journal articles

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Preprints, submitted

  1. "Standard Planar Double Bubbles are Stable under Surface Diffusion Flow" with N. Arab and H. Garcke, Preprint arXiv:/1505.02979
  2. "Weak Solutions for a Non-Newtonian Diffuse Interface Model with Different Densities" with D.Breit, Preprint arXiv:/1509.05663

Preprints, not submitted

  1. "Thermodynamically consistent diffuse interface models for incompressible two-phase flows with different densities" with H. Garcke and G. Grün, Preprint, arXiv:/1011.0528

Proceedings contributions

  1. "Reduced Stokes equations and bounded Hinfty-calculus", Proc. EquaDiff 2003, World Scientific, pp. 365-370, 2005.
  2. "Bounded imaginary powers and Hinfty-calculus of the Stokes operator in unbounded domains", Proceedings of the Conference Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Problems: A Special Tribute to the Work of Herbert Amann, Zürich, June 28-30, 2004. Progress in Nonlinear Diff. Eqns and their applications, Volume 64
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  9. "Stationary Solutions for a Navier-Stokes/Cahn-Hilliard System with Singular Free Energies" with J. Weber, to appear in Proceedings of ICMFD in "Recent Developments of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics" Series: Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, Birhäueser-Verlag