Johannes-Kepler-Research Center for Mathematics

Aim and Scope

The Johannes-Kepler-Research-Center for Mathematics was founded in 2008 with the help of the government of the Bavarian state. Its aim is to make the University of Regensburg visible internationally as a strong center of mathematical research. The main focus of the Johannes-Kepler-Research-Center is in the mathematical areas represented by the members of the center. These can be broadly divided into three research groups Arithmetic Geometry, Global Analysis and Applied Analysis. Activities of the Center include workshops, guest lectures and seminars with other universities. The education of young scientists is also an important part of the activities and is concentrated in the DFG graduate school ‘Curvature, Cycles and Cohomology’. Starting in November 2010 the center also started the Kepler-Lectures, where distinguished researchers will give an introduction to their work.