Johannes-Kepler-Research Center for Mathematics


Prof. Dr. Helmut Abels
Nonlinear partial differential equations, free boundary value problems, pseudodifferential operator methods

Prof. Dr. Bernd Ammann
Conformal geometry, Dirac operators, analysis on manifolds

Prof. Dr. Luise Blank

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bunke

Prof. Dr. Denis-Charles Cisinski

Prof. Dr. Georg Dolzmann
Nonlinear partial differential equations, calculus of variations

Prof. Dr. Felix Finster
Analysis, mathematical physics

Prof. Dr. Stefan Friedl

Prof. Dr. Harald Garcke
Partial differential equations, geometric evolution equations, numerical analysis, free boundary problems

Prof. Dr. Walter Gubler
Diophantine geometry and Arakelov theory

Prof. Dr. Michael Hellus
Matlis duals of local cohomology modules, complete intersections

Prof. Dr. Marc Hoyois

Prof. Dr. Uwe Jannsen
Number theory and algebraic geometry, especially motives and étale cohomology

Prof. Dr. Moritz Kerz
Arithmetic Geometry and Algebraic K-theory

Prof. Dr. Guido Kings
Arithmetic geometry: L-functions, polylogarithms, regulators and Iwasawa theory

Prof. Dr. Klaus Künnemann
Arithmetic geometry, in particular Arakelov theory, abelian varieties and, algebraic cycles

Prof. Dr. Clara Löh
Geometric and algebraic topology of manifolds and groups (simplicial volume, bounded cohomology, l¹-homology, L²-invariants)

Prof. Dr. Niko Naumann
Arithmetic Geometry and (motivic) Homotpy Theory