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Application & Enrolment

For the Master's Programme to begin in September of each year:

Application deadline and early selection: April 30, 2019

Application Process:

If you are interested in applying for ECN, send in your documents until April 30th, 2018. Only complete applications that have been received by regular mail at the coordination office by April 30th will be considered. Incomplete applications will not be processed any further.

If your qualification meets the eligibility criteria, your documents will be evaluated by a local ECN admissions committee of at least three ECN faculty members and graded with points.

We award points for academic excellence (your average grade after 140 credit points). In addition, points are also awarded for relevant theoretical and practical knowledge in neurobiology, cellular biology, animal physiology, developmental biology, biochemistry, genetics, biophysics and in addition a background in mathematics and physics. All these individual partial qualifications are optional, not required, so if you have little background in some fields you can compensate to some extent with others. We also award points for the academic and interdisciplinary qualification as evident from your curriculum vitae and essay. There are three possible outcomes:

(1) If your application earns at least 75% of the maximum number of points, you will be automatically admitted to the programme.

(2) If the awarded points fall within a medium range (above 50%, below 75%) you will be invited to a personal interview at the University of Regensburg which will be conducted onsite or via Skype.

The interview will be conducted in English by two members of the ECN faculty and last 30 minutes. We will evaluate your prospects with respect to a successful completion of the ECN master course based on the same criteria that we apply to your documents. You will be notified of the outcome of the interview as soon as possible.

(3) If the awarded points fall below 50% of the maximum number, your application will be rejected.


Final Decisions on Admission:
The Admissions Committee will arrive at a decision with regard to admission or an invitation for interview within one month after the deadline. Admission and interview invitation letters will be issued immediately thereafter. In the interest of optimal organization of our courses, we ask for a swift response to the admission.


The Admissions Committee will process all applications without delay. Please refrain from inquiries regarding the status of your application. You will be informed as soon as the results are available, usually by beginning of June..

Please submit your application and required documents by regular mail (see » Required Documents) to the following address:

Prof. Dr. Veronica Egger
University of Regensburg
93053 Regensburg