European Cooperation in Science and Technology Universität Regensburg Max-Planck-Institut für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung Optrel GbR

School on Surface Analytical Techniques, 10.-13. April 2012, Universität Regensburg


Prof. Michal Borkovec Prof. Michal Borkovec is heading the Laboratory of Colloid and Surface Chemistry at the University of Geneva. His research focuses on colloidal and polymeric systems. Topics of particular interest include investigation of aggregation phenomena of colloidal particles, binding of protons and metal ions by polyelectrolytes, and adsorption of polyelectrolytes on colloidal particles or surfaces. Interactions in systems involving solid/liquid interfaces and/or polyelectrolytes are being studied using state-of-the-art experimental techniques; particularly, light and neutron scattering, reflectometry, scanning probe.

Dr. Victoria Dutschk Dr. Victoria Dutschk is associate professor at the Engineering of Fibrous Smart Materials (EFSM) group, University of Twente. Her research activities are focused on a mechanistic understanding of manifold interfacial phenomena involving surface active agents. Her main research field 'Interfacial Engineering' is related to fundamental materials research having strong links with industry, covering adhesion phenomena; surface topography and roughness analysis; interfacial dynamics; wetting and spreading of aqueous surfactant solutions.

Dr. Thomas Gutberlet Dr. Thomas Gutberlet is senior scientist at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH. His research interests are in the field of neutron scattering in biology - techniques and applications. His expertise is in structure and dynamics in biological model membrane systems; structure and interaction of peptides and proteins with biomembranes; self assembly of molecules at interfaces; complex biomimetic structures at fluid and solid-liquid interfaces; and neutron scattering instrumentation.

Prof. Hillman Prof. A. Robert Hillman is heading the Department of Chemistry of the University of Leicester. He is also the Dean of the Faculty of Science. His research focuses on interfaces and electrochemistry. Innumerable natural processes - from biology to corrosion - take place at interfaces. Interfacial properties are also widely exploited in man-made devices as diverse as sensors, optical displays and lightweight batteries. The ability to understand the relationships between interfacial composition, structure and properties is central to our appreciation of these processes and applications.

Prof. Dr. Diethelm Johannsmann Prof. Dr. Diethelm Johannsmann is working at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Technical University Clausthal. The group is concerned with the formation, the characteriziation, and the application of functional surfaces and coatings. Heterogeneous materials and gradient films are of particular interest.

Dr. ing. Ger J. M. Koper Dr. ing. Ger J. M. Koper is associate professor at DelftChemTech, the chemical engineering department of the Delft University of Technology. He is guest researcher at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry of the Leiden University. His research field is Colloid and Interface Science with emphasis on Aggregation and Adsorption Phenomena. His experimental expertise is in optical ellipsometry and reflectometry, dielectric spectroscopy and electro-optical birefringence.

Prof. Hubert Motschmann Prof. Hubert Motschmann is working at the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry of the University of Regensburg. His group focuses on understanding the structure and the self-organization of molecules at interfaces and the impact of interfaces on bulk properties of adjacent phases. This knowledge is utilized for the design of novel structures with specific function. His experimental expertise is in the field of linear and nonlinear optical techniques.

Prof. Jeff Penfold Prof. Jeff Penfold is a Senior Fellow at STFC's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and a Visiting Professor in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford. His main experimental tool is neutron reflectivity and small angle neutron scattering which he is using for addressing fundamental aspects of colloids and interfaces.

Prof. Vörös János Vörös is a Professor in the Institute for Biomedical Engineering of the University and ETH Zurich and heading the Laboratory for Biosensors and Bioelectronics. His research is focused in the areas of Bioelectronics, Nano-Biotechnology, Biosensors, Biophysics, and Biomaterials with special focus on the understanding, monitoring and controlling of molecular and cellular processes at biological interfaces.

Dr. Weidinger Dr. Inez Marita Weidinger is working at the Technical University of Berlin. Her group is focussing on electron transfer of encyms at interfaces and the development of new SERS surfaces.