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General Information

The series Das Erbe deutscher Musik (The German Musical Heritage) continues the tradition of the German Denkmäler (Musical Monuments) publications and publishes important works from German musical history in a form that is scholarly and practical at the same time. Das Erbe deutscher Musik was founded in 1935 by the Staatliches Institut für deutsche Musikforschung (State Institute for Research into German Music) in Berlin as the continuation of the Denkmäler deutscher Tonkunst (Monuments of the German Art of Composition; 1892-1931, reprinted 1957-1961) and taken up again from 1953 by the Musikgeschichtliche Kommission e.V. (Musicological Committee); at this revival, the somewhat unfortunate title of the series, originating from 1935, was maintained in order to keep the series recognizable as a whole.

Chairmen of the Musikgeschichtliche Kommission e.V. Prof. Dr. Friedrich Blume (1953-1961)
Prof. Dr. Karl Gustav Fellerer (1961-1973)
Prof. Dr. Georg von Dadelsen (1973-1988)
Prof. Dr. Werner Breig (1988-1993)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Hermann Schmid (1993-1998)
Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Krummacher (1998-2002)
Prof. Dr. Laurenz Lütteken (since 2002)
Directors of the Denkmäler-Series Das Erbe deutscher Musik Prof. Dr. Friedrich Blume (1939-1945)
Prof. Dr. Hans Albrecht (1953-1959)
Prof. Dr. Georg von Dadelsen (1959-1998)
Prof. Dr. Martin Staehelin (1998-2008)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Horn (since 2009 )
Editor of Das Erbe deutscher Musik Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohlhase (up to 2007)



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