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Notes for Subscribers

On average two volumes will appear each year. There are various ways of purchasing the Erbe deutscher Musik. Individual volumes may be purchased at the retail price. Subscribers to the whole enterprise receive a 20 p.c. discount on the retail price of all volumes. Subscribers to single series are allowed a 10 p.c. discount on volumes in the series to which they subscribe. 

The subscriber is committed to purchasing the next twelve volumes to appear, as from the date of subscription and without regard to the actual numbering of the volumes. In addition, the already published new volumes (from vol. 24) can be acquired at the subscription price. Subscriptions continue to cover automatically each successive run of twelve volumes until they are cancelled.

So that new subscribers can acquire the volumes of the Erbe deutscher Musik that appeared before 1945, the houses concerned are prepared to allow sub­scription terms for reprinted volumes until further notice.

Subscriptions for the whole of the Erbe deutscher Musik and for individual series can be sub­mitted through any music dealer. Volumes 1 to 23 and vol. 25, which appeared before 1945, should be ordered from the publishers concerned.

A prospectus may be obtained from any music dealer or the publishers concerned.

Last updated: 14.1.2010