Antiphon Texts
In this textfile no distinction is made between Antiphons and Invitatories, the reason being that the catalogue was compiled in order to obtain information about the music for liturgical texts contained in the new Vatican Liturgia Horarum. Since the only music for a given text is sometimes an Invitatory, it was necessary to include Invitatories as well as ordinary antiphons. However, in most cases there is a CAO number (Hesbert, Corpus Antiphonalium Officii, Solesmes). Any number obviously out of sequence with the numeration is an Invitatory.

The orthography of the text is not necessarily that of the CAO. Care has been taken to ensure that the spelling of words as far as possible coincides with that adopted in Liturgia Horarum. This sometimes causes peculiarities of alphabetical order! For example "Caeli" occurs under "Co", because CAO spells that word "Coeli". Also, since the catalogue combines several indices from various publications, not all of which use the same alphabetical system, there are other, occasional peculiarities arising from this fact. The compiler has not taken particular trouble to iron out these inconsistencies, because the catalogue was compiled for the purpose of a computer search. A computer is unconcerned with exact alphabetical order!

The object of this catalogue has been to combine CAO's antiphon repertory with that of Bryden and Hughes' An Index of Gregorian Chant, together with that of any other source available at the time. The only obvious omission is that of the Mont-Renaud Antiphoner, (Paléographie Musicale, series 1, vol xvi).
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Here is a list of abbreviations used, together with the sources they represent
C F-Pn lat. 17436 (Compiègne - unnoted)
G GB-DRc B. iii. 11 (French - adiastematic)
B D-BAs lit. 23 (Bamberg - adiastematic)
E I-IV 106 (Ivrea - heighted)
M I-MZ c. 12. 75 (Monza - adiastematic)
V I-VEcap xcviii (Verona - adiastematic)
H CH-SGs 390-1 (Paléographie Musicale, series 2, i. (St. Gallen - adiastematic)
R CH-Zz Rh. 28 (Rheinau - adiastematic)
D F-Pn lat. 17296 (Saint-Denis - Pitch-defined - David Hiley microfilm)
F F-Pn lat. 12584 (Saint-Maur-les-Fosses - adiastematic)
S GB-Lbl Additional 30850 (Silos - Heighted)
L I-BV v. 21 (St. Loup, Benevento - Pitch-defined)
I I-IV 60 (Ivrea - David Hiley, Microfilm)
P I-PCd 65 (Piacenza - David Hiley, Microfilm)
m Antiphonale Monasticum or Psalterium Monasticum
r Antiphonale Romanum or Graduale Romanum or Liber Responsorialis
b Beneventan Gradual (I-BV vi. 34) (Paléographie Musicale, series 1, xv)
g Graduale Sarisburiense (W. H. Frere)
l Lucca Antiphoner (I-Lc 601) (Paléographie Musicale, series 1, ix)
u Liber Usualis
o Officium Hebdomadæ sanctæ
p Processionale Monasticum
y St. Yrieix Gradual (F-Pn lat. 903) (Paléographie Musicale series 1, xiii.)
v Variæ preces
w Worcester Antiphoner (GB-WO F. 160) (Paléographie Musicale series 1, xii.)
h Liber Hymnarius
s Antiphonale Sarisburiense (W. H. Frere)
d Dominican Antiphoner
Compiler: Peter Wilton