Antiphonale Missarum Sextuplex Incipits from R.-J. Hesbert's edition of six early sources of mass chants
Graduals and noted missals List of the sources for chants for mass described in Le Graduel Romain, II: Les Sources (Solesmes 1957)
Chartres missal Inventory of the noted missal Chartres Bibliothèque Municipale 520
Moosburg gradual Inventory of the gradual München, Universitätsbibliothek 2° 156
York gradual Inventory of the gradual Oxford, Bodleian Library, Lat. liturg. b. 5
Sequence texts Sequence texts from Analecta hymnica medii aevi
Antiphoners and breviaries List of the sources used by R.-J. Hesbert in Corpus Antiphonalium Officii (CAO) vol. 5
Antiphon texts Full text of antiphons and invitatories edited by R.-J. Hesbert in CAO vol. 3
Responsory texts Full text of responsories edited by R.-J. Hesbert in CAO vol. 4
Hesbert at a glance (Sanctorale) Synoptic tables of chants of the Sanctorale in CAO, Mont-Renaud and Old
Roman use, with information on antiphon melodies
Hymn melodies Musical incipits of hymns in three modern editions (Stäblein, Rajecky, Moberg)
Johannes Hollandrinus The coniunctae of the Traditio Iohannis Hollandrini in medieval sources of liturgical chant