Graduals and noted missals
The database was created with the programme dBASE III PLUS and lists the sources for chants for mass described in Le Graduel Romain, II: Les Sources (Solesmes 1957). The information presented in Les Sources is much abbreviated here.

The database is placed here at the disposal of colleagues in accordance with the aims of the IMS Study Group 'Cantus Planus', which include the exchange of data in electronic form.
Read texfile on screen TXT grad-mss.txt List of sources arranged in alphabetical order by library and shelfmark
Download the database ZIP containing grad-mss.dbf (dBASE III+)
Download the textfile ZIP containing grad-mss.txt
Structure of the database
Field Name Length Content
1 MS 60 Library and shelfmark
2 TYP 18 Type of liturgical book
3 PROV 48 Provenance
4 DAT 18 Date
5 P 4 Page in Les Sources
6 SIG 6 Siglum in Les Sources
Total length of record 154 .
Types of book
A Antiphoner
B Breviary
C Cantatorium
G Gradual
H Hymnal
L Lectionary
M Missal
P Processional
S Sacramentary
T Troper
V Vesperale
C.S. Commune Sanctorum
frgt fragment
p.e. pars estivalis
p.h. pars hiemalis
sine nota (without notation)

Types of chant
ca cantiones
dr liturgical dramas
hy hymns
lf farced lessons music theory
om ordinary of mass chants
pa processional antiphons
pm proper of mass chants
sq sequences
to tonary
tr tropes
vs verses of offertories etc.
Compilers: Margaret Hiley, David Hiley