Hymn melodies
This database of hymn melodies edited by Stäblein, Rajecky and Moberg and Nilsson was created with the programme dBASE III PLUS. Its purpose is to help users ascertain whether melodies with a particular melodic incipit appears in one of the following editions:
Bruno Stäblein: Hymnen I. Die mittelalterlichen Hymnenmelodien des Abendlandes, Monumenta Monodica Medii Aevi 1 (1956)
Benjamin Rajecky and Polycarp Radó: Hymnen und Sequenzen, Melodiarum Hungariae medii aevi, 1 (Budapest 1956; rev. edn. 1982 with new supplementary vol.)
Carl Allan Moberg and Ann-Marie Nilsson: Die liturgischen Hymnen in Schweden 2. I: Die Singweisen und ihre Varianten. II: Abbildungen ausgewählter Quellenhandschriften, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia musicologica Upsalienisia, Nova series, 13:1-2 (Uppsala 1991).
The database is placed here at the disposal of colleagues in accordance with the aims of the IMS Study Group 'Cantus Planus', which include the exchange of data in electronic form.
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arranged according to incipit
hymn-fin.txt arranged according to finalis and incipit
Download the database ZIP hymn-dbf.zip containing ams.dbf (dBASE III+)
Download the textfiles ZIP hymn-txt.zip containing hymn-inc.txt, hymn-fin.txt
Structure of the database
Field Name Length Content
1 S 5 page number in Stäblein's edition
2 MEL 5 melody number in Stäblein's edition
3 R 5 number in Rajecky's edition
4 RSUP 5 number in the supplement to Rajecky's edition
5 M_N 5 number in Moberg/Nilsson's edition
6 INC 40 first line of the melody in letter notation
(A-G, a-g; the distiction between b-flat and -natural is ignored)
7 FIN 1 final note of the melody
Total length 66 .
Compiler: David Hiley