Image gallery of digitised manuscripts
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Monastery of St. Ulrich & Afra Augsburg    
Mbs clm 4303 Antiphonarium - Temporale Homepage
Mbs clm 4304 Antiphonarium - Commune Sanctorum Homepage
Mbs clm 4305 Antiphonarium - Sanctorale Homepage
Mbs clm 4306 Antiphonarium - Temporale/Sanctorale Homepage
Mbs clm 30044 Vita Sancti Simperti  
Mbs. clm 4307 Vigill-Buch  
DMA1011 Graduale Diözesanmuseum Augsburg  
Mbs clm 4325 Processionarium, s15  
Cathedral Church Augsburg    
Kopenhagen KB 3449 8° Antiphonarium (17 volumes ~ a1580) Homepage
DMA 1016 Processionarium Diözsanmuseum Augsburg s15  
Mbs clm 23037 Notated Breviarium from the monastery S. Georg Prüfening s12  
Mbs clm 14084 Antiphonarium from the monastery S. Emmeram s16  
Monastery of Tegernsee    
2° cod. ms. 175+176 Antiphonarium 2 volumes) a1443/44  
Monastery of Zwiefalten    
Karlsruhe Aug. LX Antiphonarium s12-14, Badische Landesbibliothek Homepage
? Processionarium Württembergische Landesbibliothek  
Monastery of St. Georgen    
Karlsruhe St. Georgen 6 Antiphonarium s14  
Monastery of Melk - Österreich   Homepage
Melk 931 Processionarium s14  
Melk 756 Antiphonarium s15  
Melk 280 Brevier s15  
Melk 109 Graduale  
Modena Lat. 1003 Olivetan antiphoner s15 - Biblioteca Estense Modena