Responsory texts
The files contain the full text of the responsories edited by René-Jean Hesbert in Corpus Antiphonalium Officii vol. 4. Manuscript sigla are included but no variant readings or additional notes are given. The prime purpose of the files is to enable users to search for particular responsories, phrases or words. This can be done by downloading the textfile (see below) and searching on your own computer or by switching to the CAO search faciltiy in our databases.

Hesbert punctuated the texts and regularized their orthography. A second file has been provided in which punctuation has been removed. (The signs . , : ; and ? are eliminated.) Users are also reminded of the inconsistency in medieval sources in the use of ae (e), oe (e), xs (s - as in exsultare/exultare), etc.
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resp-txt.txt full text
resp-no.txt full text without punctuation
containing resp-txt.txt, resp-no.txt
Compilers: Claudia Gunkel, Margaret Hiley, Birgit Honikel, Alois Späth; corrections Thomas Csanády.