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On this page you will find a choice of current experiments on attractiveness being conducted by the University of Regensburg: 

Social Perception

With this experiment we want to examine how physicians are judged based on their appearance.

Link to the social perception experiment 



With the experiment "body generator" we would like to find out what your personal ideal woman's figure looks like. Create your ideal female body by interactively altering corpulence, pelvic width, waist width, bust size and leg length: 

Link to the body generator experiment



Body Contest

The "body contest" is a virtual beauty contest and you are the jury. Ten female figures are presented to you at the same time in several rounds and you decide which five should be eliminated from the competition. Those eliminated are replaced with five new female figures. At the end, the remaining five represent the body types which correspond most of all to your beauty ideal. 

Link to the body contest experiment



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