Map Study Trip "Commemorating Wars" in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Study Trip Commemorating Wars.
The Commemoration of the Second World War and the War of 1992-1995 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Route and Destinations:

1. Zagreb 8. Jablanica
2. Jasenovac 9. Mostar
3. Donja Gradina 10. Sutjeska
4. Kozara 11. Gorazde
5. Prijedor 12. Srebrenica
6. Banja Luka 13. Sarajevo
7. Sarajevo
Sarajevo 2SrebrenicaGorazdeSutjeskaMostarJablanicaSarajevoBanja LukaPrijedorKozaraDonja GradinaJasenovacZagreb

Esther Wahlen: Bogdan Bogdanović

Born in 1922 in Belgrade, a „little bit” active in the Partisan movement, architecture student and later, professor as well as President of the architecture’s union. Furthermore: politician, dissident and author.

Career under Tito

Bogdan Bogdanovic: Die Steinerne Blume
The „Stone Flower“ built in 1966.

His career under Tito begins in 1952 with a memorial for the Jewish victims of fascism. Afterwards, acting by appointment of the government, he builds 20 more memorials in entire Yugoslavia.

It is still unclear why he was chosen to design utterly important and sensitive memorials such as the one Jasenovac. Surely, one reason is that memorials by Bogdanović do not contain ethnic components. As a matter of fact, they even forbid every kind of ideological interpretation as they neither express heroism nor fighting spirit. There is no belated sense given to the dead people and the suffering of the victims which thus cannot be used for communist interpretation.

Political activities

Bogdanović was not only famous in Yugoslavia. In the course of the 1980s he gains political influence. He is the mayor of Belgrade from 1982 until 1986: as a supporter of Yugoslav patriotism he writes a 60-page long letter (“Lamento about Serbia”, 1987) addressing Slobodan Milošević and the Central Committee of the Communist Party Serbia and denounces the increasing militarism and nationalism. The incessant siege of this house and death threats force him to go into exile in Vienna. He still lives there today.

"Bogdan Bogdanović and his memorials" by Esther Wahlen

Part 1: The Jasenovac-Memorial
Part 2: The Partisan Monument, Mostar


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Bogdan Bogdanović: Der verdammte Baumeister. Erinnerungen. Wien 1997.

See also the homepage of the Architekturzentrum in Vienna: