Map Study Trip "Commemorating Wars" in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Study Trip Commemorating Wars.
The Commemoration of the Second World War and the War of 1992-1995 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Route and Destinations:

1. Zagreb 8. Jablanica
2. Jasenovac 9. Mostar
3. Donja Gradina 10. Sutjeska
4. Kozara 11. Gorazde
5. Prijedor 12. Srebrenica
6. Banja Luka 13. Sarajevo
7. Sarajevo
Sarajevo 2SrebrenicaGorazdeSutjeskaMostarJablanicaSarajevoBanja LukaPrijedorKozaraDonja GradinaJasenovacZagreb


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Marion Forster, Julia Merl and Birte Richardt: Travel Diary Entry, 22 May 2010

ZagrebArrival at noon. It is the end of May and the town is still experiencing the chill that has Europe in its grip at the moment. The people in the streets are wearing jackets; meanwhile, we arrive in shirts for our tour of the city - we want the summer to arrive. The rain comes and goes and the changing weather makes Zagreb particularly attractive to us. It really is a beautiful city. Everything is hilly and quirky. Very pretty. Everything immediately seems familiar.

We stroll through the city, the streets and the alleys and suck in the city life. Up until now, everything still feels like we are on a holiday. We visited the cathedral and learned a lot about the city and its history from our professor. And yet I fell in love with one street in particular.

ZagrebAt what feels like the city's deepest point, hills leading to higher-situated squares tower over this narrow alley, while it casually leads along numerous cafés.

It is sunny and the asphalt is wet from the rain - it smells like springtime. Walking along this alley, everywhere you can see happy people drinking coffee and the cobblestone road leads to a quiet pedestrian zone. Somehow it feels like one is far away from the rest of the city – an incredibly beautiful place and a wonderful atmosphere.

ZagrebAt the end of the tour, we of course cannot resist a pivo and make it back to the hotel just in time for dinner. Hungry from our day of arrival and hungry for everything new, we enjoy our meal. Of course, we are being served meat – something that is not going to change during the following days either. The mood within the group is very relaxed and everybody is looking forward to the soccer match – Bayern Munich versus Inter Milan. The Croatians are great fans of Bayern Munich (at least because of Olić). After dinner we go out to find a cozy bar where we can watch the match.

ZagrebWe find a bar, take a seat and shortly after, the waiter comes and asks: "Germans?! Ok, you can stay but only if you behave decently." A little confused, we decide to stay. Later, we cheer for Bayern Munich along with the Zagreb guests. It is really good to see that the Croatians are cheering louder for Bayern Munich than we are. Unfortunately, Bayern Munich looses. 0:2. What a shame! I would have liked to celebrate the victory with the locals here. However, what is much worse is that already at this point of our trip – although we are still way up in the north – the first children approach us to beg for money.

After the game, we sit together for a little longer before, exhausted from the journey, we return to the hotel. Back at the hotel, I enjoy having a single room. I don't know the members of the group too well yet. I snuggle into the soft emerald green blanket. It takes a long time for me to fall asleep, but once I do it is a very deep sleep.

This would turn out to be the only night on the trip after which I would not wake up in the morning drenched in sweat.

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