Karte Exkursion Reiseroute Bosnien-Herzegowina
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Study Trip Commemorating Wars.
The Commemoration of the Second World War and the War of 1992-1995 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Route and Destinations:

1. Zagreb 8. Jablanica
2. Jasenovac 9. Mostar
3. Donja Gradina 10. Sutjeska
4. Kozara 11. Gorazde
5. Prijedor 12. Srebrenica
6. Banja Luka 13. Sarajevo
7. Sarajevo
Sarajevo 2SrebrenicaGorazdeSutjeskaMostarJablanicaSarajevoBanja LukaPrijedorKozaraDonja GradinaJasenovacZagreb


Study Trip “Commemorating Wars” („Kriege erinnern“)

Studienexkursion Kriege erinnernThe study trip „Kriege erinnern. Erinnerung an den Zweiten Weltkrieg und den Krieg 1992-1995 in Bosnien-Herzegowina“ ("The Commemoration of the Second World War and the War of 1992-1995 in Bosnia and Herzegovina) was organised by members of the Faculty for the History of Southeast and Eastern Europe at the University of Regensburg.
Prior to the excursion a seminar of the same title was offered, which gave the 25 students of the University of Regensburg the chance to engage in intensive research on the region and questions which were of interest to them before setting out for the study trip.

In May 2010 they set out together with Ulf Brunnbauer, Heike Karge and Falk Pingel for a week of exploring the country and its people, its nature and its scars. At the centre of our interest was how the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina deals with the memory of the Second World War and the War of 1992-1995. However, with the visit to the memorial at Jasenovac, the study trip very deliberately also included a destination in Croatia.

Project Description: Why "Commemorating Wars"?

We would like to express our thanks to the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts for their financial support of the study trip.