Karte Exkursion Reiseroute Bosnien-Herzegowina
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Study Trip Commemorating Wars.
The Commemoration of the Second World War and the War of 1992-1995 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Route and Destinations:

1. Zagreb 8. Jablanica
2. Jasenovac 9. Mostar
3. Donja Gradina 10. Sutjeska
4. Kozara 11. Gorazde
5. Prijedor 12. Srebrenica
6. Banja Luka 13. Sarajevo
7. Sarajevo
Sarajevo 2SrebrenicaGorazdeSutjeskaMostarJablanicaSarajevoBanja LukaPrijedorKozaraDonja GradinaJasenovacZagreb

Travel Diary

We felt touched by this country, its history and its people …

GorazdeA travel diary. Why? For one thing, because we wanted to deal with our experience together, and in a productive way. What else? Because we did not expect the study trip to be such an intensive experience before we travelled to this country.

Then we began to realise how deeply we felt touched by this country, its history and its people. In the end we decided to deal with this feeling and our experience on this website not only through scientific contributions.

We felt that writing a diary which could contain all our impressions was a good way of giving an idea of our trip to all those who are interested in it.

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Impressions from our Travels: The Journey on the Bus

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