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Organisers - Reading 2019

Key Competencies Working Group, Universität Regensburg

This unique working group combines academic research with the practice of information literacy and writing skills training in academic teaching, study guidance, and library practice. Members of the working group include the Chair of Social, Labor, Organizational and Economic Psychology (Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer), the Chair of Media Informatics (Prof. Dr. Christian Wolff), the Chair of Teaching and Learning German Language and Literature (Prof. Dr. Anita Schilcher), the Director of the University Library Regensburg (Dr. André Schüller-Zwierlein) as well as other relevant institutions of the university such as the Central Department for Course Counseling and the Center of Language and Communication. The aim of the working group is to incorporate aspects of current, multidisciplinary research into the practical teaching of academic competencies.

International Book History Society (Internationale Buchwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft, www.buchwiss.de)

The focus of their programme and event activities are in contemporary issues relating to the book and book market since 1945. The IBG offers scholars, authors, publishers, IT and printing specialists and librarians a platform to consider the medium of the book in an interdisciplinary perspective. The book should be understood in the context of media culture in its entirety in order to grasp more precisely its forms and functions with regard to other media.

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Reading in a Digital Environment

International Conference
| 2019