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Biochemistry II

Prof. Dr. Rainer Merkl  (RETIRED)


Due to the retirement of Rainer Merkl we are offering the courses usually taking place in the summer semester for the last time in SS2021. Please note that oral examinations therefore have to be completed until August 2021.

Regarding the courses usually taking place in the winter semester, it is not yet clear if we can offer them.

This is a link to the offered courses as detailed by the course catalogue of the University of Regensburg.

All materials can be found at the E-Learning server of the University of Regensburg.

For practicals, we have developed an interactive course (restricted access).

If you are interested in computational biology, this book (written in German) may be of interest: R. Merkl, Bioinformatik, Wiley-VCH.

  1. Fakultät für Biologie und Vorklinische Medizin
  2. Faculty Research

Computational Protein Design and Evolution

Group of
adj. Prof. Dr. Rainer Merkl (RETIRED)

We are interested in understanding the function of proteins by utilizing in silico methods. Often, it is helpful to project additional data onto the 3D structure of a protein.