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Sebastien Fereira-Cerca

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The Ferreira-Cerca team is currently moving to a new and shiny laboratory space at the Structural Biology of the Cell Laboratory located at “École Polytechnique de Paris” in France. If you want to know more about our research, please visit us here Ribosome and RNA Homeostasis | Laboratoire de Biologie Structurale de la Cellule (polytechnique.edu) or use alternatively the following link https://ferreiracercalab.com/.


Sébastien Ferreira-Cerca

curriculum vitae

Current mentees

Jüttner, Michael (University of Regensburg) PhD student
Alexandre, Nicolas (University of Regensburg) PhD student
Tom Garnier (École Polytechnique de Paris) Master student
Devendra Singh (École Polytechnique de Paris) Master student
Clara Moch (École Polytechnique de Paris) Staff scientist

Previous mentees

Matthias Weiß (BSc 2013 and MSc 2017)
Corinna Kuttenberger (MSc 2015)
Robert Knüppel (MSc 2015 and PhD 2020)
Nina Ostheimer (BSc 2015)
Michael Kern (BSc 2016)
Hannah Medinger (BSc 2018)
Michael Jüttner (MSc 2018 – now PhD student Uni Regensburg)
Tom Dielforder (MSc 2021)
Maximilian Liebl (MSc 2021)

Sébastien Ferreira-Cerca - Short CV

since 2023 Directeur de Rercherche at the École Polytechnique de Paris
2018 University Teaching Certificate of the Bavarian Universities / Zertifikat Hochschullehre der Bayerischen Universitäten

since 2013

Academic staff member at the University of Regensburg (Germany), Department of Biochemistry III (Chair: H. Tschochner)
2008 - 2012 Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), Biochemistry Center (BZH)  (Lab: E. Hurt)
2003 - 2008 Doctoral Thesis (Dr. rer. nat.) at the University of Regensburg (Germany) Department of Biochemistry III (Chair: H. Tschochner)


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Additional teaching

Graduate Research Academy RNA biology - RNA lecture series

“Chemical-biology toolkits to study ribonucleoprotein particles assembly and function”

“Structure probing of RNA and RNPs”


Dr. Sébastien Ferreira-Cerca

Department of Biochemistry III
Biochemistry Center Regensburg
University of Regensburg
Universitaetsstr. 31
Room VKL 5.0.18
D-93053 Regensburg

T: +49-941-943-2539
F: +49-941-943-2474
E: sebastien.ferreira-cerca@ur.de



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Sébastien Ferreira-Cerca



Phone: +49 (941) 9432539
Room: VKL 5.0.18