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Bioorganic Chemistry

Focus Subject - Bioorganic Chemistry

You have to choose the theoretical module and the practical module.

TM  Theoretical Module (12 CP)

Bioorganic Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Burkhard König

PM  Practical Module (12 CP)

Bioorganic Chemistry Prof. Dr. Burkhard König

Registration: Dr. Petra Hilgers (Petra.Hilgers@chemie.uni-regensburg.de)

TM Bioorganic Chemistry


Detailed module description - pdf

Prof. Dr. Burkhard König

Module contents
  • Provide deeper insight in the theoretical background of a current research topic or an area of long-time importance, e.g. catalysis, bioorganic chemistry, planning of synthesis, methods of NMR-spectroscopy, and synthesis of natural compounds;
  • Discussion of the basics, the state of the art and current perspectives for these respective fields of Organic Chemistry using examples from research.
  • Presentation and discussion of a research based topic in the field of modern methods in (bio)organic synthesis and analysis, like solid phase reactions, combinatorial chemistry, microreaction technique, hyphenated analysis techniques (HPLC-MS) or special metal-, organo- or photocatalytic reactions.
Module components
  1. at least two lectures in the field of (bio)organic chemistry (for a selection see LSF)
  2. Seminar to the preparative laboratory course

In the seminar a seminar presentation has to be held and registered in Flexnow as an ungraded study achievement (Studienleistung).

Module examination

30 min oral examination (graded)

PM Bioorganic Chemistry


Detailed module description - pdf

Prof. Dr. Burkhard König (link to research group)

Module contents
  • aquiring modern methods of (Bio-)Organic Synthesis in a research-orientated manner,
  • practise the safe handling of demanding laboratory techniques
  • the experiments cover enantioselective catalysis, organocatalysis, synthesis of heterocycles and drugs, methods of chromatographic separation (DC, GC, HPLC) and the characterization of intermediates and products using spectroscopy
  • presentation and discussion of own experimental gained data
Module components

Laboratory course (6 weeks) with seminar: Bioorganic Chemistry

Module examination

Portfolio examination (graded)

  1. Fakultät für Biologie und Vorklinische Medizin
  2. Studium