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Study Program

You have to choose three focus subjects, or two focus subjects and one secondary subject.

Within the subject you have to choose one theoretical and one practical module.

On request by the student, the oral examination in the theoretical module can be in German.

The skills modules are compulsory.

Focus Subjects

Secondary Subjects

Skills Modules

Communication Skills (compulsory)

Detailed module description - pdf
Essay (2 CP)

Under supervision, you have to write a scientific essay. This can be accompanying to a seminar or a lecture. Just ask the person in charge of the course.

Preparation and presentation of a poster (2 CP)

Under supervision, you have to prepare a scientific poster and present it at a scientific meeting or at the faculty hour (dates of faculty hour - link!).

The poster can be prepared accompanying to a seminar or a lab course. Just ask the person in charge of a seminar or ask your supervisor of the lab course.

Outline of the master thesis project (2 CP)

Before starting your master thesis, you have to write a master thesis project.

Job Skills (compulsory)

Detailed module description - pdf

Excursions and/or job qualifying course and/or internship (total 6 CP)

In this module you can choose from different module components.

  • botanical excursions
  • zoological excursions
  • industrial excursion
  • job qualifiying course (e.g. language courses, IT-courses, courses for applications skills, career day for biologists); For a selection of possible job qualifiying courses see!
  • internship "Berufspraktikum" (in companies with scope of activities for biologists)

For excursions and internships 2 CP can be earned per week.

Among other job qualifiying courses, for the visits of carreer days and fair attendances 1 CP can be earned each, whereas a maximum of two career days and/or fair attendances can be attended.

Research Skills  (compulsory)

Detailed module description - pdf

Research Skills course, 3 weeks in a block (presumably March)

Course contents:
-    Introduction to philosophy and history of science, the scientific method
-    Finding a good research question
-    Literature research and organization
-    Design of experiments and reproducibility
-    Data analysis in R
-    Visualization
-    Introduction to LaTeX
-    Scientific writing
-    Logic and clarity
-    Scientific presentations
-    Good scientific practice

Master Thesis

The thesis is an examination concluding the scientific education, showing that the student is able to treat a problem within the biological scientific field with scientific methods presenting the results in an appropriate, immaculate and understandable manner.


Requirement for admission are at least 70 credit points and the completion of three practical modules and at least two theoretical modules. Therefore, when starting the master thesis, one theoretical module and one skills module or, if three theoretical modules are completed, all three skills modules can still be missing.


The master thesis has to be registered at the examination office (Prüfungssekretariat) of the faculty before starting the thesis.

Registration form - download!

Duration of the thesis

The duration of the thesis is nine months.

If for a reason, which is not in the responsibility of the student, the duration of the thesis has to be extended, an application for extension has to be submitted at the examination office. Please explain in the application why the duration of the thesis has to be extended.


The supervisor of the master thesis has to be a professor or associate professor and  member of the University of Regensburg.

The thesis has to be assesed by the supervisor and a second assessor.

If the supervisor is not member of the faculty of biology and preclinical medicine the second assessor has to be member of the faculty.

External master thesis

A master thesis conducted outside of the university has to be approved by the examination board of the faculty. The supervisor of the external thesis has to be a professor or associate professor. A member of the faculty of biology and preclinical medicine (professor or associate professor) has to be the second assessor.

Registration form for external master thesis - download!

Form of the thesis

The master thesis has to be written in English.

Three printed versions and one electronic version (pdf) have to be submitted at the examination office.

The thesis has to include a declaration of the author that

  • the printed and electronic versions are identical
  • the thesis has been written independently
  • no other sources or aids than listed in the thesis have been used
  • the thesis has not been submitted yet at another university for gaining an academic degree.


For topics please search the faculty research page - link


Master program - overview (PDF)

Examples of scedules (möglicher Studienverlauf) (PDF)

List of Modules - overview (PDF)

Module catalogue (PDF)

Exam regulations-International-Master-Biology (Prüfungsordnung) (PDF)

Course overview (LSF) - link!

Evaluation of a practical module - Portfolio

The practical modules are graded with a portfolio.

The grade should result from the practical performance, the writing of a protocol and the oral presentation in a seminar accompanying the lab course.

For the grade an evaluation sheet can be used (see download below).

The completed evaluation sheet should be given to the student as a feed-back. Therefore, do not enter a grade on the evaluation sheet. The grade has to be entered directly in Flexnow.

Evaluation of a practical module (PDF)

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