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Dr. Tobias Pohl

 I studied biology at the LMU in Munich and did my bachelor’s thesis in the field of psychophysics. For the master’s degree, I continued my studies in biology at the LMU. My ongoing interest in the field of neurobiology led me to the composition of my master’s thesis with the title “Early life stress and stress reactivity as modulators of social behaviour and molecular changes in a mouse model of affective disorders” at the Max-Planck Institute of Psychiatry in the department of stress neurobiology and neurogenetics.

For my GRK project, I aim to study the molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying the emotional and social behaviours following loss of a bonded partner. More specifically, the focus of my research will be on the elucidation of the role of oxytocin, vasopressin, and CRF following the disruption of a pair bond. Here, I am using the monogamous prairie vole as a model organism. The studies will be conducted in collaboration with - and partly at - the Emory University in Atlanta (USA).

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Tobias Pohl


Pohl Tobias