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Chair of Leadership and Organization - Prof. Dr. Thomas Steger

Bauer Christian
External Doctoral Candidates

Christian Bauer


Christian Bauer studied business administration at the University of Regensburg with the main courses human resources and organization, business informatics, production management and industrial Controlling. As graduate he started working in the education and training branch and switched in July 2003 to a personnel department of an international company located in Regensburg. He began as Recruiter, became an HR Business Partner und overtook the team lead for a group of HR Business Partners. From June 2011 until December 2012 he was head of a team within a international company in Regensburg with focus on talent scouting, student contultancy, employer branding & recruiting). From January 2013 until November 2015 Mr. Bauer was head of local HR of an international company located in Berlin.  Since December 2015 Mr. Bauer is located in Lindau and responsible for talent managemet for one business unit of international company
Since June 2006 Mr. Bauer started in addition to work as freelance trainer and since the beginning of 2009 Mr. Bauer is lecturer at the university of applied science in Regensburg.

Research Topics

Christian Bauer is external doctoral candidate at the chair of Prof. Steger and has the research focus on employee selection and human resources development.



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