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Prof. Dr. Stefan Dove

Associate Professor

Prof. Dr. Stefan Dove

Building CH, Room 03.1.88

Phone +49 941 943-4673
Fax     +49 941 943-4820

E-Mail stefan.dove@chemie.uni-regensburg.de


Fields of Research:

  • Computer-Aided Drug Research (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships, especially 3D-QSAR approaches, Molecular Modeling)
  • Structure-activity relationships and binding models of ligands of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR homology models, docking, 3D-QSAR), in particular: agonists and antagonists of histamine-H2-, H4-, 5HT2A-, beta-adrenergic and  neuropeptide Y Y1-receptors, modeling of active receptor states
  • Inhibitors of receptor tyrosine kinases (modeling and structure-based design); grant from Deutsche Krebshilfe e.V. / Dr. Mildred Scheel Stiftung für Krebsforschung (2001 - 2005)
  • Inhibitors of bacterial hyaluronan lyases and human hyaluronidases (modeling and structure-based design)
  • Substituted nucleotides as inhibitors of bacterial and human adenylyl cyclases – modeling of ligand-enzyme interactions

Additional research interests:

  • Modeling and prediction of protein-protein interactions (e.g., of TIR domains)
  • Receptor theory

  1. Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
  2. Institute of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry II

Prof. Dr.
Armin Buschauer


Herr Prof. Dr. Armin Buschauer
Secretaries' Office

Building CH, Room 14.1.83
Phone +49 941 943-4823
Fax     +49 941 943-4820