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Global South Lecture Series | Andreas Sudmann (Regensburg) - AI Area Studies and the Global South

08.07.2021, 18:15-19:45

Andreas Sudmann (CITAS, Regensburg)
AI Area Studies and the Global South

AI, as an area of knowledge, is at the center of many recent academic debates, but despite its transregional impact it has not yet played any significant role in the field of area studies.

This diagnosis is noteworthy because, from a historical perspective at least, there are some relevant entanglements and interrelations between AI studies and area studies that need to be addressed accordingly. In my presentation, therefore, I would like to discuss the past and future role of AI in area studies, but also to reflect more generally on the socio-epistemic significance of categories like areas and space for reflecting on AI as a global phenomenon, with a particular focus on perspectives related to the Global South.

The talk will be held in german.