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Global South Lecture Series | Sérgio Costa (Berlin) - 'Entangled Inequalities': Transregionale Perspektiven auf soziale Ungleichheiten

24.06.2021, 18:15-19:45

Sérgio Costa (Institute for Latin American Studies, FU Berlin)
'Entangled Inequalities': Transregionale Perspektiven auf soziale Ungleichheiten

This lecture will be held in German

'Entangled Inequalities': Transregional perspectives on social inequalities

Social inequalities have been investigated in the field of inequality studies almost exclusively as local or national, ahistorical and unidimensional (income differences between individuals) phenomena. Empirically speaking, social inequalities always reflect historical, transregional, multidimensional and intersectional entanglements. This lecture, first of all, sets out the “entangled inequalities” approach, which attempts to further develop conceptual and methodological tools for investigating different entanglements of inequalities. The plausibility  of the approach will be demonstrated in the second part of the lecture that presents research on entangled inequalities in the context of the African diaspora in Latin America.