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Public Engagement

One of CITAS' key aims is to make excellent research in comparative, transnational and international area studies accessible to the broader public and decision makers beyond the university. This seems to be particularly important given the political and social significance of world regions, including East and Southeast Europe, Western Europe and North America. CITAS will organize its own events while also providing a platform for increasing the visibility of our Partner's activities.

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CITAS Dialog Series 2019.

Europe between crisis and revival

The CITAS Dialog series promotes exchanges between the public in Regensburg, researchers and the actors involved in the significant processes and events shaping the world, Europe, Germany and the local region today. These spheres are interconnected in a Unistiftung-vielberthglobalized world, one where borders are being crossed but also reinforced. The impact is evident on the global, national and local scales in the economy, the environment, the shifting political and cultural landscape, and migration.

For 2019, the focus will be on “Europe between crisis and revival”. The challenges that have affected countries across Europe and the EU in recent years are likely to intensify in 2019. The United Kingdom and the EU are scheduled to finalize a Brexit deal taking effect on 29 March; elections to the European Parliament will take place in May in an atmosphere suggesting democracy is under threat from populism and a resurgent far-right; efforts to extend EU influence in East and South-East Europe will continue as will the related tensions with Russia; migration into EU countries will have a prominent position on the political agenda; environmental threats persist and intensify; and the sense that US-European relations are experiencing significant turbulence is unlikely to abate. At the same time, by addressing some of the causes of instability and uncertainty, Europe

and the democratic values it has traditionally promoted can might find a path towards renewal and revival.

These issues will be addressed in public talks, lectures and roundtable discussions.

For information on the talks planned in this series, please follow this link.

Nacht.Schafft.Wissen - behind the scenes of innovative research

12 April, 18.00-midnight, IOS, Landshuter Str. 4

CITAS is delighted having been collaborated with IOS and the Graduate School for East and Southeast European studies in offering a programme of events at Nacht.Schafft.Wissen. The events showcased the innovative, comparative area studies research taking place in Regensburg.

There has been a family-friendly block of events from 18.00, followed by a panel discussion on the economic impact of Brexit and East European Populism at 20.00. At 21.30 the visitors experienced revolutions from around the world in five minutes, then relaxed from 22.30 with a pub quiz.

The pub quiz was supported by Bischofshof brewery.

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CITAS Lecture Series

International Relations class visits from the Pindl Schule

CITAS was pleased to welcome to Prof. Natali Stegmann's talk in the CITAS lecture series a group of 12th-year pupils from the Pindl Schule together with their teacher Werner Schottenloher. The class studies international relations and gained insight into how the the subject can be examined historically and in the transnational context at university. The group was also given an introduction by Paul Vickers to the various international and binational study programmes on offer in Regensburg as they come to consider their options for their future.

Citas Ringvorlesung 18-19
Winter Semester 2018/19, Mondays 18-20:00, H4 Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude

Lecture Series: Beyond the Nation? International and Transnational Oders and Identitie

In Winter Semester 2018/19, CITAS coordinated a lecture series titled “Jenseits der Nation? Internationale und transnationale Ordnungen und Identitäten” (Beyond the Nation? International and Transnational Orders and Identities). The lectures were held on Mondays at 18.15 in lecture theater H4. The lecture series presented multidisciplinary perspectives with contributions from cultural studies, history, linguistics, political science, law and economics. The individual lectures explored North and Latin America, Southern, South East, Eastern and Western Europe, as well global issues. In focussing on the significance of world regions and the interconnections between them, the lecture series showcased a broad cross-section of the innovative area studies research being conducted in Regensburg.

The lectures were open to the public, as well as students, and the full programme can be found here. The series was well attended by students, staff and the public alike.

We are grateful to all the lecturers who took their time to provide stimulating talks and led lively discussion afterwards.

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