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Virus Scanner

Sophos virus scanner of the University of Regensburg

We recommend to use a virus scanner with activated auto-update function on each computer. The computing center offers you Sophos Anti-Virus. The use is free for employees and students on bavarian universities due to a national license agreement  for bavaria including private computers. But the right to use expires if you are no longer working or studiing on the university.

New Sophos Server 2017

The UR Computing Centre had to put into operation a new Sophos Anti-Virus Updating Server mid of 2017 which has changed the update source of the scanner.
Therefore Sophos Anti-Virus has to be reinstalled on all computers regarding Windows and Mac. The new installer can be found in the RZ Softwarekatalog


  • Computers using the RZ Image use the "new" Sophos Version since 2017/8/15. if you have downloaded the Sophos installer via the RZ Software Catalogue or from software drive F: since 2017/8/31 you have to do nothing. In this cases no new installation is necessary because you are just using the new version.
  • Users with centrally managed computers (UR Administration and Klinik KKS) do not need to install the new version themselves because the local IT department will do that.

Do I have to uninstall the old version?

No, normally you only have to reinstall Sophos to update the update path.

  • The installation takes about five minutes - if your network connection is weak maybe longer!
  • During the installation you should not install any other software product!
    Also the automatic update of Sophos anti virus should not run.
  • For the installation administrative rights are requried on the local work
    station. You may contact your Systembetreuer if the installation fails due to
    a rights problem.
  • When the installation has been completed a reboot of the computer is needed.

Installation check

For computers with windows operation system you can find a Checking Tool which checks if the new version is already installed.
You only have to double click on the exe file, no special computer rights are required. Noting will be installed or changed, only a configuration file is read  and a message is shown on the screen.

Update path

You can also find the update update path in the update log:

Double click on the Sophos icon on the windows taskbar - e.g. at the lower right corner
 -> View Updating Log

Sophos-main Sophos-log

Mind the circled character - for the latest update! In the example above the character N shows that Sophos has to be reinstalled!

If you find entries like:

11.10.2017 09:24:44 Downloading product SAVXP from server http://sophos-srv1.uni-regensburg.de/sweep/NN/CIDs/S002/SAVSCFXP/

Here we have a NN in the URL. Therefore we know it is a new Sophos installation which needs no reinstallation.


Computers installed from the UR computing center, computers installed from our central installation service,on every loaner and on every CIP-Pool computer Sophos Anti-Virus is already installed.

For a new installation on a device without virus scanner or on private computers you can use the following installer:

Sophos Anti-Virus is supported on Windows and MacOS.

If you do not want to use the Sophos RZ installer on your private computer
(devices which are not bought by the university and used off-duty only) you can also use Sophos Home. Sophos Home is a free security software for private macs an windows computers.

Installation of multiple virus scanners

Do not install multiple virus scanners on one computer.

Many computers have installed time limited virus scanners e.g. 30 day trial version. If the time limit is reached you can decide wether you buy a license or not or if you use another product. You can then install e.g. Sophos Anti-Virus. But please first uninstall any other virus scanner before installing Sophos Anti-Virus and reboot the system.

How can I see if Sophos Anti-Virus is installed?

On windows in the system tray there is a small blue white icon with a blue S in it.


With MacOS you can find the Sophos icon in the Finder bar.

Updating the virus scanner

Only an up-to-date virus scanner offers you best virus security. We are highly exerted to update the virus scanner engine and the virus patterns. Sophos Anti-Virus will auto update on each change of the patterns or the engine. The UR computing center runs a  Sophos Server which updates every computer who has installed the Sophos virus scanner.

Configuration of the virus scanner

Configuration of the virus scanner is managed by our central RZ-Sophos server. the following file describes the RZ default configuration of the most importent options: Sophos_Konfiguration.pdf

There are special installer for special institutions (Klinik, UR Administration) where the configuration differs from the default. The local IT department manages these computers and also the Sophos installation.


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