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VPN for Mac OS

Installing the Juniper VPN-Client

Open your browser and go to  http://vpn.uni-regensburg.de , and enter your credentials. You will be redirected  to https://sslgate.uni-regensburg.de. Accept the certificate and allow access for the installation.


Using the Juniper VPN-Client


1. Make sure you have a working connection to the internet.

2. Start the Juniper VPN-Client. You can find it at programs → Network Connect

3. Enter your credentials into the window that pops up.

4. Choose your desired profile out of the following three:

  • Vpn_default: All your connections will be encrypted and redirected via the university.
  • Vpn_profile1: All your connections will be encrypted and redirected via the university, but your computer will be accessible from a local network. This will be necessary if e.g. you want to use your network-printer at home.
  • Vpn_profile2: Only university-sites will be encrypted and redirected. All other websites will go via your internet provider.

5. Click ‚Login‘ to connect.

6. Once you are connected correctly, you should see a yellow closed lock.

Cutting the Connection

Click ‚Abmelden‘ (Log off) in the window of the VPN-client.

Further Information

Please check if you are at https://sslgate.uni-regensburg.de when you enter your credentials. If you have connection drop-outs please check if you are still connected to the vpn-network: right-click on the lock -> ‘Normalansicht’ -> under ‘Status’ you should see ‘verbunden’ (connected).


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