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Your CC Account


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What does the CC account include?

You need a CC account to profit from all our services. The CC account includes:

  • a user name (e.g. vip12345)
  • a password
  • an electronic account to pay for some chargeable services (e.g. using public printers)
  • a personal storage space on our file servers
  • an e-mail address
  • space for personal web pages



Who gets a CC account?

  • students of Universität Regensburg
  • students of Regensburg University of Applied Sciences
  • staff of Universität Regensburg and of the university hospital
  • regular students of other universities
  • guest students and external participants
  • external providers



How will I get a CC account?

As a student of Universität Regensburg and of the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences you will get your CC account together with you enrolment documents from the appropriate department of your university’s administration.
All staff members will get their CC account through their account by their workgroup manager.
All other user groups must fill in an application form (see beneath) in order to get a CC account. Please come to the helpdesk in the computer centre or fill in the application form online and come directly to our user administration.

how long?

How long?

Validity of the Student Account after Final Withdrawal (Exmatriculation)

After your final withdrawal from university your CC account will still be valid for a certain period of time:

  • If you are removed from the register during the summer semester, your account expires at the end of the following winter semester (31 March).
  • If you are removed from the register during the winter semester, your account expires at the end of the following summer semester (30 September).

From this date on you will no longer be able to use your account. Should you still need to save your account data after your account has expired, it can be opened by the helpdesk staff for three days. About six months after your account is no longer valid, all data will be deleted.
Should you still need to use your account, e.g. for examination matters, please contact our user administration.


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