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Equal Opportunities for Women

The Women's Representatives

The Women’s Representative of the university heads the Coordinating Office for Equal Opportunities and Family. In particular, she aims to establish equal opportunities for women at the university. It is her duty to pay careful attention so that female academics, teaching staff and students are not disadvantaged.

The Women’s Representative of Universität Regensburg and her deputies are nominated for election by the President and elected by the senate to a four-semester term of office. Full-time arts and science personnel of Universität Regensburg are eligible for the position. The Women’s Representative is an advisory member of the University Management, a voting member of the Extended University Management and the Senate.

The Women’s Representatives of the faculties work towards more equal opportunities and a better compatibility of studies, career and family at their respective faculties. They are elected by the faculty board and are members with vote in the appointments committees of the respective faculty board. In addition, the Women’s Representatives of the faculties take part in two joint meetings each semester. These meetings are an opportunity to exchange information, experience and ideas between the faculties and other advisory services, and for interdisciplinary co-operation, which is absolutely necessary in order to work successfully in the complex area „Equal Opportunities and Family“.


Our objectives, in accordance with the equal opportunity policy of the university, are the following:

  • to enhance the percentage of female professors
  • to provide career and personnel development for new female academics
  • to attract female students in subjects where women are under-represented
  • to improve the compatibility of studies/career and family
  • to increase awareness of gender issues
  • to ensure equal opportunities for women and men


Prof. Dr. Isabella von  Treskow

Women’s Representatives of Universität Regensburg

Building PT, Room 3.3.18
Universitätsstraße 31
93053 Regensburg

phone +49 941 943-3373

Dipl.-Theol. Christina Decker M.A.

Managing employee to the Women's Representative
Coordination of all programs in the Coordinating Office

Universität Regensburg
Administration Building, Room 0.07
Universitätsstraße 31
93053 Regensburg

phone +49 941 943-3581

Women's Representatives of the faculties

Coordinating Office for Equal Opportunities and Family

The Coordinating Office for Equal Opportunities and Family consists of the Women’s Representatives and the Equal Opportunities Officers as well as the Family Service of Universität Regensburg.

In accordance with the mission statement and the key objectives of Universität Regensburg, which aim to provide fair opportunities for all, the team is committed to equal opportunities for women and men in the world of academics. Here, special importance is given to the support of the new generation of female academics. Taking into account different life situations, it aims at the compatibility of studies, career and family, and helps to implement equal opportunities for women and men working in civil service. If there are any issues or questions, the team of the Coordinating Office is there to talk to you and support you individually.

The Coordinating Office is a central point of contact for all members of Universität Regensburg: For students and academic staff equally.

Equal Opportunities for Women



Administration Office
Room 0.07
phone +49 941 943-3581